Wrestling: Vandal loses 4-way champsionship match

I checked back in with Vandal of PCW again last night.  After winning his best of 7 series last month at the Masquerade, it was finally time for his title shot.  He was in a four way match up with the current champ and two other PCW wrestlers.  Although Stephen already knew the outcome before I even arrived at the venue, he was still amped to even be in the main event at one of their bigger shows.  He also mentioned he was glad that his character wasn’t getting pinned, instead one of the managers for another wrestler in the match would be drugging him to take him out of the match.

Talking to him, it made me wonder what it was like for the current champion to be losing the belt even though he was losing it just as easily as he had originally earned it.  Even though its scripted and the outcomes are predetermined, apparently there is still a sense of wanting to hold on to it as long as possible and the inevitable disappointment that comes when you have to hand it off to someone else.