Double or nothing (Buford vs Calhoun)

Friday was the Class AA State Football Championship at the Georgia Dome between the Buford Wolves and Calhoun Yellow Jackets.  Buford won 45-21 after a close first half, but then Buford did what Buford does.

Also, check the very bottom of the post for a special added bonus.


2 responses to “Double or nothing (Buford vs Calhoun)”

  1. Lindy Avatar


    I think not. Ken and I were both on shift Friday night and he really, really, really wanted to shoot the game (he practically begged), and since I got to shoot the semi-final game the week before and was still reeling from that, I didn’t have a problem with him shooting the Dome game.

  2. Sara Guevara Avatar

    hahaha I’m famous!!!