Life is art, or at least it is to me.  When I have my camera, I shoot what I see, as I see it.  I see the world in a strange way, from odd angles, but I make them work.  Maybe that’s the story of my life:  taking strange and uncomfortable situations and turning them into something that makes sense, at least to me.

My photography represents how I view the world, which admittedly is probably much different than the average person.  If I don’t notice something on the wall, its probably because I’ve seen it a million times before and it doesn’t seem unique to me, but most things don’t seem unique to me anymore.  Everything tends to repeat itself at some point. And so the story goes.

I went out on the town with my roommate and his friends tonight.  First we went down to Little 5 for records and food, then headed to East Atlanta to go to a bar that something was happening at.

I’m not huge on bars so after going out side to escape the noise some girl invited me and the others who had joined me outside to a concert next door.  The Blackheads played, it was dark and I had no flash.

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