Reynoldstown Wheelbarrow Festival

Brett and I ventured down to Reynoldstown earlier for their annual “Wheelbarrow Festival.”  There were no wheel barrows.  It was a small little community festival but they had a parade that went through the area.  The festival is all day until 11:00 pm tonight.


4 responses to “Reynoldstown Wheelbarrow Festival”

  1. Liz Hill Avatar
    Liz Hill

    Wonderful photo’s, John!!! Thanks so much!
    And yes, there are wheelbarrows, several beautifully painted ‘barrows.

    I’m sorry you missed them. They were used as part of a sort of guerilla marketing scheme to promote the Festival (our 14th annual)


  2. Portia Osby Avatar
    Portia Osby

    Hi Josh,
    Your pictures are very good. As co-chair of the parade I must say that I’ve never seen pictures with color so brilliant, hope you don’t mind us using some of these on our website for next year. Thank you for sharing.

    Portia Osby

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