UGA Fall Practice – Day 1

Yesterday I was sent up to Athens to shoot UGA’s first fall practice for The Telegraph in Macon.  I’ve shot UGA practices before back when I was working at The Red & Black, but it was a bit different back then.  The last time I went my goal was to get general practice shots, this time I had a list of about 35 people I needed to get.  I wasn’t sure how much time I had so my primary goal was to get a shot of each player on my list, regardless of whether they were in action or not as I didn’t want to waste time waiting for them to actually do something.

It was a bit hectic, but I printed out an organized list of all the players I needed by the position they played to help me make sure I got as many as possible.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to spot one of the players and two of the coaches I needed, but I was able to get everyone else, considering the size of the list I consider that a succesful mission.

Today I head to Georgia Tech to do the same at their practice.

Anyways, here are some of the photos from today that I liked, even if they are overwhelming unspectacular.


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  1. Jason Brooks Avatar

    You might think they are unspectacular, but the fans in general really love to see these.

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