Hayden Field

On Sunday I had the pleasure of taking some headshots/modeling shots of Hayden Field.  Hayden contacted me after finding my website while looking for photos of 99x’s water balloon fight record attempt (which apparently failed).

Anyways, she liked the photos that I had gotten of her while her and a friend were diving in the mud and asked me to shoot some portraits of her.

The weather was really cooperative and I think I was able to get some good stuff for her, but you can be the judge.


3 responses to “Hayden Field”

  1. Lindsey P. Avatar

    Very cute! Great job, as usual. :)

  2. Hayden Field Avatar
    Hayden Field

    Love these! Thanks :D

  3. debra field Avatar
    debra field

    need photo of Hayden in water balloon event for ad for galloway school school theater production 4/10 you provided in the past, but alas, can’t find it!

    thx, debra field (404) 295-9792