Pillow Fight at Piedmont Park

A few days ago I heard that there was going to be a giant pillow fight down at Piedmont Park.  Obviously, I made sure I was there to capture it.  There were a lot of photographers there, but none of them seemed willing to get knee deep in the fight, well, except for me.


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  1. Gracie Rivera Avatar
    Gracie Rivera

    Josh, these are wonderful. I know you’re going to get bugged for this a lot, but if I can get copies of all pics I would looooooooooove you.

    You got some amazing shots and I will definitely keep you on my favorites and refer you to friends.

    Ps. I’ve seen your pictures before. Great Work!

  2. Dante DeStefano Avatar

    These are awesome! Thank you so much for documenting this hilarious afternoon.

    – The yeti girl

  3. Katie Golden Avatar
    Katie Golden

    I THOUGHT I recognized the photographer! I went to Bonnaroo for Spin Magazine in 2006 with you. Small world.
    Also, these are awesome. I feel like I’m about to get smacked upside the face just looking at them.

  4. John Searles @neversayhecant Avatar

    These are great. My fav is the picture of the three kids. nice work.

  5. Ceasar Mason Avatar
    Ceasar Mason

    Hey Josh, these are some super cool shots. I want to post the video clip to the young ladie that organized it can you help me out.

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  7. TIm Avatar

    Hi Josh,

    Great shots of the pillow fight! Lol, I am the guy with the rope in your last shot – didn’t even know you were shooting then. Thanks for coming on out tho.

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  9. rashawn woodgett Avatar

    Very nice. Your work is excellent up close and personal.

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  11. SharonLei Avatar

    Hi!!! found your blog via Lar & Cath @ Asian Cajuns (http://asiancajuns.com/)…. great photography!!! What a fun way to enjoy your day.. Pillow Fight!! Awesome!!

    xx Love & Aloha