Atlanta’s new skate park

Today I ran into a dilemma I don’t find myself in very often, at least in Atlanta.  Today, there were two events I wanted to shoot that were occurring at the same time.

The first was the one I went to, the ground breaking of a skate park in Atlanta.  Normally groundbreakings are boring, and I wouldn’t bother to cover it.  However, I heard there would be skating and I’m a sucker for skateboarding photos.  When people ask me what my favorite thing to shoot is, I usually don’t really know what to say because I enjoy shooting everything.  It’s because I forget how much I enjoy shooting skateboarding.

The second thing was the National Pillow Fight Day event at Freedom Park.  Considering I’d just shot a pillow fight last month (see here) and that I figured more photographers would opt for the pillow fight…. well, really… I just really want to shoot the skateboarding.

The new park will be the first in the city of Atlanta and is off Willoughby Way.  I’m not sure what the final plans for the park look like, but its part of the bigger Atlanta Beltline project.


2 responses to “Atlanta’s new skate park”

  1. Hassan Arshad Avatar

    Josh, these are amazing images. I really enjoyed looking at them. The images made me feel like I was actually there.

    Great job!

  2. Joey Cerone Avatar

    Nice set Josh.