Waffle House

Last Friday night after the Tweetup, I hung out with my friend/future roommate Sam Lawrence and my other future roommate Stephen.    We hung out at Sam’s then current place, he has since moved out, and hung around for a bit.  After a little while his then roommate Sandy showed up with a friend of hers and eventually we all went out for Waffle House.  I used the experience to further test out my 35mm f/1.4 lens.


3 responses to “Waffle House”

  1. Sandy Avatar

    Very nice my friend. Once I get a camera I would love for you to show me your skills.

  2. Sandy Avatar

    Simply stunning!

  3. Diane Garrett Avatar
    Diane Garrett

    Today, we went to the Waffle House, located in Covington KY 41011, 3rd Street location. The floors are filthy as was pointed out by another customer. We ordered waffles,not only were they almost burned, they were not fluffy, they were puffed up and hard and the center of my coworkers wasn’t even done. So it was overdone on the outside but gooey on the inside of the waffle. Our server was cordial and apologetic but strange that both of our waffles were non-appealing and was a discredit to your other Waffle House establishments. I was really disappointed because you all are well known for your delicious food, waffles, etc. Well not here in the Covington KY location.