The Flying Biscuit via fisheye

Whenever I get a new lens, I tend to use it as much as possible to get a better feel for how the lens looks in various situations/at various settings and what its overall capable of.  Sometimes this proves more difficult than others, for example when you get a toy lens like the Canon 15mm f/2.8 fisheye.  The lens has a fairly limited usage most of the time because of the massive amount of distortion it causes along the edges of the frame.

Despite that, I tried using it in an every day setting to better understand its distortion and how it might be otherwise used outside of stadium/arena shots.  This was “The Flying Biscuit” test where I brought it with me to lunch when Melissa came from Athens to hang out last Friday.

The goal of the test?  Make use of the lens so that it minimizes distortion or incorporates the distortion into the frame without it being overwhelmingly distracting.  Let me know if you think I succeeded or failed.