Basketball: Savannah State vs. Georgia Tech

Saturday I shot the Savannah State vs. Georgia Tech basketball game over at the Alexander Memorial Coliseum on Tech’s campus.  For those of followed me last season as I shot Tech basketball, I spent a lot of time trying to get my floor remote right and it ended up taking most of the season.  This season my project is pole/backboard remotes.  So far its been mostly limited to the pole but I’m determined to get this thing right and the setup memorized so I could put it together in my sleep.

That said, it went pretty well.  One of the things I did differently this time from the UGA/GT game was switching my 1dmIII to the pole position and the 5dmII to the floor.  I switched the cameras because I wanted the speed of the 1D to make sure I wasn’t missing photos the relatively low shutter speed of the 5d couldn’t provide.  The drawback is that the 5d is better at high ISO than the 1d.  To compensate I tried lowering the shutter speed from what I used last time down to 1/400.  I thought I might introduce some motion blur from the players, but it ended up being minimal and only affecting one of my sequences.