CNN: Photography Team Building

Today the Multimedia/Interactives department of had a photography team building exercise.  We were given a list of 12 things to shoot and we had to get 8 of them in an hour.

The items were:

1)     Person or persons riding an escalator

2)     Condiments (mustard, mayo, etc.)

3)     TV monitor wall (i.e. a wall full of TV monitors)

4)     A person or persons clearly eating food

5)     The CNN letters

6)     A security guard

7)     A railroad track

8)     A row or line (row of cars, line of people, The Row, etc.)

9)     Something or someone old (rusty, wrinkled)

10)  A revolving door

11)  A portable toilet

12)  Water (fountain, waterfall, creek, puddle, etc. outside of


One response to “CNN: Photography Team Building”

  1. Ric Francis Avatar

    I’m an experienced (former staffer with The AP) freelance photojournalist based in Lima, Peru and I’m trying to establish a working relationship with CNN. Please tell me who I should contact in the photography department.

    Thank you,

    Ric Francis