New York City: Thursday

Editor’s Note: If you haven’t yet, I recommend you check out the portraits I shot if you want to see the people I reference in this post.

I arrived in New York around noon on Thursday, October 7th.  When I arrived I had about 6 or 7 hours to kill before my friend Julie got off work.  Not sure what to do, I dropped my bags off at the first hotel I saw after arriving at Grand Central Station and then got a map of the city from the concierge.  With the map in hand, the island became a whole lot smaller.  From the hotel I walked a few blocks to Times Square then North to Central Park (see photos).

From the south end of the park, I made my way up to Strawberry Fields and the Dakota where John Lennon was killed.  I then hopped a train, after talking to someone they recommended I check out Highline Park (see photos).  After I walked the entirety of that, I started due east through Washington Square Park to Alphabet City.  After unsuccessfully trying to locate the squat where Leftover Crack resides, I traveled back towards 6th Ave and up to midtown to meet up with Julie.

After she got off work, we head back over to Chelsea where we met up with Baron for dinner.  After dinner, we traveled back towards Union Square to grab some yogurt before bidding adieu and heading back north to retrieve my bags from the hotel.  Around midnight I finally arrived at the northwest end of Central Park in what was formerly Harlem (now Morningside Heights [to appease the new white residents according to Baron]) where I spent the night at my high school friend Brian’s.