Water gun fight @ Freedom Park

A few weeks back I got an invite on Facebook to a largescale water-gun fight to be held at Freedom Park.  It was organized by the same person who put together the pillow fight I shot back in late February (see here).  I was debating whether or not I should bring my 400mm lens in order to stay way out of the way of the water, but decided it would be overkill.  Not as many people showed up as I had hoped based on Facebook responses and how many people were at the pillow fight, but it still seemed like everyone had a good time and I managed to stay pretty dry.

There are more photos (and you can buy prints of any of them too) through my e-commerce site.


2 responses to “Water gun fight @ Freedom Park”

  1. Jeff Avatar

    fantastic pics – i want to buy a few off of ya. I’m the guy wearing the army helmet. I saw that it made CNN too – sweet! grats!

  2. Kim Swartz Avatar
    Kim Swartz

    What amazing photos! The images are as saturated with color as the people are with water. You’re an amazing talent. Thanks so much for coming to the water fight and photographing all the fun for us. Cheers,
    (with black tank, and nehi grape hair.)